About Us

At Mountainview Foods we believe in building long-lasting relationships with clientele by purveying products that people want and hold in high regard.   By that, we mean products that are as natural as possible and those that stand apart from the humdrum or average products of mainstream distributors. We believe this gives our customers a leading edge over their competition while creating great food that tastes authentic.

High service levels and integrity are two features we pride ourselves on in addition to our reasonable pricing which shows in the company’s rapid growth and its loyal following of customers and friends.  We have a no-MSG policy and aim to carry sustainable products that provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health and the environment.

Mountainview Foods services all kinds of specialty food stores, restaurants, hotels, banquet and convention centres in the Golden Horseshoe as well as the London-Kitchener area.  We expect our suppliers to adhere to the same philosophies we do. We are always on the lookout for new products from reliable suppliers/manufacturers from all over the world.  We keep an open ear to the needs of our customers, suppliers and industry related people and hope that way to create relationships in which all parties benefit.

The main driving force behind Mountainview Foods is Ronald Putter, President and C.E.O. For many years, Ronald has been an advocate for the Chef’s profession. He strongly believes that being a good Chef comes with the products a Chef selects.  He is a European-trained Chef and has worked in renowned restaurants and hotels in Europe and North America. He has held different executive management positions and has been on the board of professional food-service related associations.

Whether you’re buying for your restaurant, retail outlet or any food service operation we believe that a happy consumer is always on the lookout for new products so we hope you’ll join us in our culinary adventures.