Saffron has been used since antiquity as a medicinal plant. Persians and Egyptians used it as aphrodisiac and a great antidote to poison, digestive stimulant and tonic for diseases such as dysentery or measles.

Some of its more frequent use during the Middle Ages was the treatment of respiratory infections, colds, scarlet fever, smallpox, suspended, hypoxia or cancer. Besides it was used to regulate blood disorders and insomnia, and to improve or prevent paralysis, heart disease, flatulence, drop, chronic uterine bleeding, amenorrhea or vision defects.

Spain’s original saffron  “Azafrán La Flor” is a premium quality natural seasoning very commonly used in stews, maceration and rice, it helps to get the best aroma and flavour for both savoury and sweet dishes. Spain’s original Saffron “Azafrán La Flor” is commonly used with rice, the famous paella dish, and Fideua, a kind of noodle paella. This saffron from Albacete in Spain  is one of the best spices in recipes and meals.

It usually takes about 4.000 flowers to get 50 grams of “Azafrán La Flor” saffron threads.