“Strawberry cellar”
The Danish Selection brand was established in 1834 by the “Strawberry cellar” – which at that time was located in Copenhagen on the very famous ‘Strøget’, which is the world’s longest pedestrian street. The “Strawberry basement” was the place where people from Copenhagen and the provinces came to buy carefully picked, fresh, berries and fruits. In an adjacent summer restaurant the customers could buy coffee, tea, homemade ice cream, fruit desserts and layer cakes.
The original recipe
The production consisted of a very gentle handling of the berries in open kettels, according to the “strawberry cellar” original recipe – a production method which is reflected in today’s jam manufacturing proces.
Like in the old days
Jam from The Danish Selection is still produced in open kettels just as it was in the old days. The jam is produced without boiling and is then carefully poured into jam jars. Due to this procedure the finest ingredients keep their natural taste, and the berries and fruit pieces are best preserved.